Being on time is hard. We’re here to help.

Bound gets you on time by letting group members set a price they pay for every minute they’re late.

Bound App

The all-in-one meeting planner that lets you wager real money

If you’re late, pay into the group and decide what to do with the money.

Bound App

Select your friends or create a Bound group to select multiple people with just a click.

Add the date, time, location, and a price per minute that your friends pay for every minute they’re late.

Get marked off by the app automatically with geolocation or manually by the host
When you’re late, pay the calculated amount into the group’s balance and decide how to use the money as a group.

Keep up with your friends with a clickable live feed of their past meetups.

Make things happen

Use Bound for any occasion and live freely knowing everyone will be on time.

We simplify meeting-planning for Greek organizations

We help fraternities and sororities keep attendance, manage money, track members, be more productive, and get their members on time.


On Time. Every Time.

Say goodbye to delayed meetings. We get members on time by charging on a per-minute basis. Customize their fee for not showing up by setting a cap on their fee.

Bound App

Manage your members

With geolocation, know where all your members are 30 minutes before the meeting. We automatically mark them off when they arrive to keep attendance and hold members accountable.

Bound App

Payments made easy

The days of handling wads of cash are over. Members can easily pay through the app. Collect all payments and deposit them into the organization’s bank account. We resolve disputes by tracking who have and haven’t paid.

Bound App

Launching on iOS September 2018

Launch date coming soon.

Bound App

Seamless, simple meetups

Let our simple, intuitive design make your next meeting more simple and productive.

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